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Madrid, Comunidad de MadridActualizado hace 9 years
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Seeking horses with these features:

- Sex: Male, if possible Capado

- AGE: From 5 to 10 years.

- LUMP: between 1.50 m and 1.70 m

- CAPA: Pinto

- LEVEL DRESSAGE: Started at DC or very well fitted to all three gaits.

- Health Status: Healthy. No injuries or sequelae of old injuries. No injuries or oral pathologies.

- TAMING OF BLOCK: Ramalear without difficulty, be able to give hands and feet for cleaning and hardware, namely being tied up, hold the shower and brushing. OK protectors. Learn raise and lower the trailer. OK chair, blanket and bridle.

- DOCUMENTATION: Microchip, passport and a letter home if need be.

- RACE :. Pinto Friesian breed Barock Pinto Horse bred in Holland / Europe (Barock Pinto Stamboek) Holland, necessarily must have at least 25% Friesian blood. Remarkable in morphology, presence and image.

- DISPOSABLE: Jumping horses, raid, invested in marksmanship, career, careers, sick and / or crafty.

- IMPORTANT: To avoid unnecessary travel and wasted time for both parties, request photos with the horse still and moving video also free (without equipment and without rider) at all three gaits and riding track and field.

- CONDITIONS FOR TEST: If that is the case, the owner accepts a veterinary examination. If this is the case, the owner will accept examination by a farrier. During the test, the first mount is made by the seller or a person appointed by him. During testing, the seller accepts the horse is ridden by the buyer and / or a person designated by it.

- PAYMENT: Negotiable form. I always counted.

- SENT PHOTOS, VIDEOS AND DESCRIPTION or by private mail: - Click to contact -

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Contacto EMDUMO E