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    Semental anglo-arabo deportivo para cubrir tu yegua

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    • Semental anglo-arabo deportivo para cubrir tu yegua


    Anglo-Arab 41,17 % - 1m66 (16h.3) - Born in 2001

    • Fusain du Defey, jumping index162. He is the sire of: Quelstar du Vic Bilh jumping index163 winnings nearly 220 000€, Pepsy du Thil CIC3*, L’Ouistiti du Dombief GP 1m50, Mirandola GP 1m50 CSI3*, Jogger des Gaves eventing index 153, Pemba des Carrieres eventing index 150, Hasard de Favi jumping index149 CSI, Nathan de la Tour jumping index147, Ocre du Fraigneau 6 year old Jumping Champion, Pleine Lune d’Albret GP 1m40, Rivavela de Capbat eventing index 143, Onde d’Avril finalist Lanaken, Nihamy CIC2*, Qatar de Latxague Pro 1 Eventing, Mazarin de Latxague CCI2*, Nade du Fraigneau GP 1m40, Rohan de Poussot CIC2* eventing index 135, Reglisse Fontanel GP 1m40, Tarpan de Bressieux GP 1m45 jumping index142, Atlanta de Maugre jumping index137 GP 1m45 finalist 7 year olds Fontainebleau, Juliette Marescot classed 1m40, Beyonce du Gue Finalist 6 year olds Fontainebleau GP 1m40…
    • Suzy de la Tour jumping index143. Has produced 4 foals, two of which are Nathan de la Tour jumping index147, and Miss Suzy de la Tour jumping index 121.
    • Carole de Roche is the dam of : Giralda jumping index159 CSIO, Laurentides jumping index156, Suzy de la Tour jumping index143. The fillies of Carole de Roche have produced: Fanny de la Tour CSI-W, Pirole de la Chatre jumping index156 GP 1m50, Maelle de la Tour Gp 1m45, Jennifer d’Anglin jumping index133, Tarzan d’Ivraie jumping index153 GP 1m60, Upsala du Figuier CSIO, Una Bella de la Tour jumping index144, Carole de Here jumping index157, Indien de Here jumping index141, Shaman du Yam’s jumping index147, Gay Lussac jumping index136, Graves Lot et Garonne jumping index138…
    • Uzel de la Tour is the dam of Nam Dinh du Logis jumping index163. Fillies of Uzel de la Tour have produced : Kovadis du Semnoz jumping index 133, Uzel d’Onera eventing index 145, Gamine du Loup jumping index133, Melchior du Loup winner at 1m45, Tsar du Manaou CIC3* eventing index 141, Unever du Manaou eventing index 139, Potter du Manaou jumping index135, Javelot du Loup CSI3* GP 1m50, Que Bella de Saint’A Gp 1m40…

    • At 3 years: Winner Concours Etalon (Stallion competition) Pompadour. Sold for 46 500 € at auction
    • At 4 years: Finalist at Fontainebleau with 12/12 clear rounds during the season
    • At 5 years: he totalled 12/22 clear rounds during the season.
    • At 6 years: Qualified for Critérium, 21st in his generation Fontainebleau
    • At 7 years: winner of 7 year old class CSI3* de Béthune, CSI4* de Franconville, CSI2* d’Auvers, CSI1* de Strazeele. 2nd of 7 year old class CSI2* d’Hardelot. 3rd 7 years CSI3* Béthune and CSI1* Strazeele. As a 7 year old Nathan de la Tour obtained numerous placings at 1m40 against mature horses. He beat more than twenty winners at CSIO and GP 1m50. He was injured at the end of 2008.

    Production :
    Nathan de la Tour hasn’t bred extensively however his first progeny are distinguishing themselves with their serious conformation, their excellent characters and their natural aptitude over fences. He is the sire of:
    • Night Shot, jumping index136, Pro 1 Eventing et Pro 2 Jumping with an amateur rider.
    • Virage des Falaises CCI2* at 6 years of age, exported to the UK with Kitty King
    Ninja de Sagazan Z, Winner French Amateur 3 Eventing Championship
    Taiga du Landier, 7th As Junior Eventing Championship, Eventing Index 125, CCI*
    • Torrent Biboulet, noted for his success in 5 year old Jumping Cycles Classiques finalist 6 year olds
    • Callika de Chabot eventing index 124, Finalist 5 year old Eventing Cycle Classique with Cédric Lyard
    • Crack du Défi eventing index 120 with Gwendolen Fer
    • Circée Domerguie, 2 year old AA Supreme Champion Finalist Eventing Cycle Classique 4 year old
    • Quantain de Sand in 2016 obtained his approval as a stallion, Finalist Eventing Cycle Classique 4 and 5 year old with Aurélien Leroy,
    Kashmir, German Trakenher Foal Supreme Champion
    Follow Me Palija, 3rd French Eventing 3 years old Championship Lion d’Angers, marked 17/20 for jumping under saddle
    • Galileo des Loges, AA colt Vice-Champion of France, French 2 years olds AA colt Champion
    • Furioco des Loges, 2 year old AA colt French Champion, 2 years old AA colt French Champion and 3 years old colt AA French Vice-Champion
    • Quina de Sand, 2 year old AA filly French Champion, 3 years AA French Vice-Champion
    Incroyable de Sisse, 3rd French Female Foal Championship Saint Lô

    Nathan de la Tour presents an exceptional model, temperament and aptitude, with a reference to his dam. His progeny are few at the moment and still young, however they are already noted for their quality and conformation and for being straight forward with a good temperament. An exceptional price for such a sure bet.

    Feel free to contact us:
    Mail: genetigu. - Click to contact -
    Phone/Whatsapp/ 33 6 72 12 27 71
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    Semental anglo-arabo deportivo para cubrir tu yegua
    Semental anglo-arabo deportivo para cubrir tu yegua
    1 €
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